Nature, There’s An App for That!

For Immediate Release:

July 12, 2012

The National Park Service Releases new Nature App for iPhone and Android

Washington, DC – The National Park Service (NPS) announced today the release of our new Nature app in conjunction with Rovio, the makers of Angry Birds. After a year in development we are excited to bring the great outdoors right to your mobile device. It will no longer be necessary to even go outside thanks to all of the exciting features loaded in this app. Furthermore, thanks to our Nature app, we are effectively shutting nature down.

Nature features a glorious user interface that mimics whatever season you are currently experiencing. For example, during summer, upon launching Nature, you will receive a mild sunburn thanks to the special programming by Rovio’s engineers. While browsing, you might even receive an occasional shock that is wonderfully similar to being bitten by a horsefly. You will be overwhelmed with fresh summer smells, the sounds of bugs, and even become slightly dehydrated after extended use. Nature features many seasonally specific attributes that will keep you coming back all year round.

We are especially excited by the kids section, that contains numerous games which simulate actual outdoor play. Rovio did it again by actually allowing some of the games to induce a natural trigger to your child’s asthmatic attacks, so please have your albuterol and bronchodilators ready. You will be delighted by the excitement in their faces, all from the safety of your living room. One feature that stands out is the surface portion of the games app. In games that feature running you can select various surfaces that your child might be running upon, for instance, gravel, old paved road, and dirt with sticks. Thanks to amazing new handheld glass technology your smartphone glass will take on the texture of your selected surface and your child can actually skin their knee or face directly upon the glass.

We are tremendously excited that this release is available today and will be regularly updated with more features to render nature irrelevant, so please download and rate Nature when time permits.

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