Who Cares?

That’s a term that seems to be heard a lot lately. I’ll hear someone say, “who cares,” and I immediately think, I do, I care very much. Especially, when it comes to what people think of me and my family. I care what I look like, and definitely care what my children look like. I care about keeping my neighbors happy, I care about being polite, holding doors open for people, and various things of that nature. Actually, I can think of very little I don’t care about.

I remember last year they had pajama day at school, and it was very difficult telling my four year old that she could not under any circumstance wear pajamas to school. Maybe I’m anal, but to me that just something I cared about, I hate when people wear pajamas in public, to me it whiffs of laziness and utter disrespect. Frankly, I wanted to drive up to the school and let them have it for even suggesting the idea. I might come off looking like some a-hole parent, but at least my kids will learn how to care and be respectful.

I guess I owe a lot of this to my dad. He very much cares and always cared about setting us up to garner the most respect, whether it involved appearance, manners, or other basic life lessons that shaped us for years to come. He was very tough about these things and so tolerant about other things that truly didn’t seem to matter, that now looking back, I get it. He knew what was up. Sure, maybe at the time, we didn’t have the most fun having to follow his rules, but now we get to reap the benefit of what caring means.

Nobody is perfect, I understand that, but at the very least we have to care and try harder to care more. I look around now and see the demise of caring and it hurts to see the effect it has, especially on young people. Now, as a parent, I completely understand how every decision will become the foundation of who they are when older. It means so much, all of it.

I like to look at the old churches and architecture in Europe, that’s caring. No detail spared, everything mattered, utter and grand beauty, the ultimate sign of respect. Aren’t we really divine creatures, these individual centers of worship too? Shouldn’t we also build our bodies, minds, and lives with the same care that they built these churches? I think so, I really do…