we walked into the woods that day
floating on little valleys of mist
sun at our backs

ancient trees begged us to go deeper
to surrender our plans for tomorrow
under their ominous canopies

we walk on barefooted over cool mossy rocks
hearts were quickening
dreams appearing before our eyes

we sit down and make our pact to never leave
they will not take us alive
from our forest home

we awaken later after burning energy on promises
to hear names and dinner calls echoing off the trees

racing towards the forest entrance
ends in panting, slightly scared, hungry
we sit down to the table
our eyes lock and hide those promises away
until tomorrow


Monday’s are very interesting days for many reasons. First, they are often associated with negativity and the fact that our lives are dependent on money to survive. Second, they are a chance to restart and possibly change things that we didn’t do so well last Monday. And finally, Mondays just kinda drag along in a loathing, sucking kinda way. Poor Monday has issues.

But, I’m beginning to think that Monday might be the most important day of the week. If you can master Monday, you might be able to master it all. Think of Monday as like the Phoenix of days, the day you can rise from the ashes and start anew. Monday is your chance to put on your big boy pants and earn those beers, family and friend time, and good food on Friday.

The beginning is the most important part of the work. - Plato

It’s all about the beginning folks, it’s all about the attitude we have when starting. How can we expect good results to come if we don’t start with the right attitude? So it’s Monday, I say we should hop on this Monday like it’s a candy filled ride, spitting out hundred dollar bills, giving you a full body massage, while skimming along the cool breeze of some beautiful beach town. Put a shackle on this Monday and make it your little pet slave, it’s your day to do with what you want. Well, it’s either that or it can just suck like so many Monday’s before it.

You decide…

A Rocket is Simply a Controlled Explosion!

Did you know that? That’s all it is, basically, by harnessing chaos and destruction we’ve been able to launch things into outer space, as well as destroy whole countries with the push of a button.

Maybe that’s how we should think of our lives, merely a controlled explosion. One day, the explosion stops, and we die. In the meantime, we are on a beautiful journey and along for the ride going wherever our little rocket takes us. Some people’s rockets are bigger than others and some are prettier, but we are all rockets nonetheless.

How the hell can we steer this thing? You don’t steer a rocket per say, you have to plan well in advance what your final destination is. Such is life, you can’t know everything, or plan it to some finite level, but you can point your rocket in the direction you want to head and perform all the necessary tasks to keep it running smooth.

I remember being little and chatting with my grandfather about rockets and missiles. He and my father knew a tiny bit about the subject since they were both electrical engineers for NASA at Cape Canaveral. My grandfather explained his role to me by essentially saying he was responsible for millions of wires on the Apollo missions, and if just one of those wires was not properly installed, the whole thing could fail, let alone someone could die. That was a very serious thing for me to ponder, so much responsibility, a very heavy load.

Our rockets are no different, we have a lot of responsibility, we have a lot to care for if we want to do this right. Some people are better rocketeers than others no doubt, I see them all around me every day. The guy shooting by, who has money, always seems happy, makes art, is funny, smart, and pretty much running a kick ass rocket. What you don’t see is all the work that guy is doing on the wiring, all the responsibility it takes to run a tight ship. Some people simply make it appear easy, but I’m sure it’s not.

Each and every day we can better our rocket. We already know how to do it, but I’ll jot down a few reminders here:

Eat right
Be nice
Be spiritual
Work harder
Have sex

We don’t need to knock out the whole list today, but if we can just pick one thing each day and do it well, eventually we will be that rocket way up there in the atmosphere, where the work gets easier. We can shoot past others and have them say, damn, that rocket makes it look so easy.



Nature, There’s An App for That!

For Immediate Release:

July 12, 2012

The National Park Service Releases new Nature App for iPhone and Android

Washington, DC – The National Park Service (NPS) announced today the release of our new Nature app in conjunction with Rovio, the makers of Angry Birds. After a year in development we are excited to bring the great outdoors right to your mobile device. It will no longer be necessary to even go outside thanks to all of the exciting features loaded in this app. Furthermore, thanks to our Nature app, we are effectively shutting nature down.

Nature features a glorious user interface that mimics whatever season you are currently experiencing. For example, during summer, upon launching Nature, you will receive a mild sunburn thanks to the special programming by Rovio’s engineers. While browsing, you might even receive an occasional shock that is wonderfully similar to being bitten by a horsefly. You will be overwhelmed with fresh summer smells, the sounds of bugs, and even become slightly dehydrated after extended use. Nature features many seasonally specific attributes that will keep you coming back all year round.

We are especially excited by the kids section, that contains numerous games which simulate actual outdoor play. Rovio did it again by actually allowing some of the games to induce a natural trigger to your child’s asthmatic attacks, so please have your albuterol and bronchodilators ready. You will be delighted by the excitement in their faces, all from the safety of your living room. One feature that stands out is the surface portion of the games app. In games that feature running you can select various surfaces that your child might be running upon, for instance, gravel, old paved road, and dirt with sticks. Thanks to amazing new handheld glass technology your smartphone glass will take on the texture of your selected surface and your child can actually skin their knee or face directly upon the glass.

We are tremendously excited that this release is available today and will be regularly updated with more features to render nature irrelevant, so please download and rate Nature when time permits.

About the National Park Service. More than 20,000 National Park Service employees care for America’s 397 national parks and work with communities across the nation to help preserve local history and create close-to-home recreational opportunities. Learn more at

Who Cares?

That’s a term that seems to be heard a lot lately. I’ll hear someone say, “who cares,” and I immediately think, I do, I care very much. Especially, when it comes to what people think of me and my family. I care what I look like, and definitely care what my children look like. I care about keeping my neighbors happy, I care about being polite, holding doors open for people, and various things of that nature. Actually, I can think of very little I don’t care about.

I remember last year they had pajama day at school, and it was very difficult telling my four year old that she could not under any circumstance wear pajamas to school. Maybe I’m anal, but to me that just something I cared about, I hate when people wear pajamas in public, to me it whiffs of laziness and utter disrespect. Frankly, I wanted to drive up to the school and let them have it for even suggesting the idea. I might come off looking like some a-hole parent, but at least my kids will learn how to care and be respectful.

I guess I owe a lot of this to my dad. He very much cares and always cared about setting us up to garner the most respect, whether it involved appearance, manners, or other basic life lessons that shaped us for years to come. He was very tough about these things and so tolerant about other things that truly didn’t seem to matter, that now looking back, I get it. He knew what was up. Sure, maybe at the time, we didn’t have the most fun having to follow his rules, but now we get to reap the benefit of what caring means.

Nobody is perfect, I understand that, but at the very least we have to care and try harder to care more. I look around now and see the demise of caring and it hurts to see the effect it has, especially on young people. Now, as a parent, I completely understand how every decision will become the foundation of who they are when older. It means so much, all of it.

I like to look at the old churches and architecture in Europe, that’s caring. No detail spared, everything mattered, utter and grand beauty, the ultimate sign of respect. Aren’t we really divine creatures, these individual centers of worship too? Shouldn’t we also build our bodies, minds, and lives with the same care that they built these churches? I think so, I really do…

Declaring Independence

I remember several years ago I had a mild addiction to tobacco. Although, I didn’t find it necessary to smoke multiple cigarettes a day, I definitely liked to have one or two every day. One day it dawned on me that I was pretty much a slave to this habit so I just quit and have never tried tobacco again. It was refreshing to have my independence back. I never realized so deeply how a habit can consume your individuality like that.

in·de·pend·ence [in-di-pen-duhns] noun
1. Also, independency. the state or quality of being independent.
2. freedom from the control, influence, support, aid, or the like, of others.

Ponder the definition of independence for a moment in respect to our lives. How many things are we dependent on for happiness? Security? Entertainment? It seems that we are consumed with things we depend on for a happy existence but truly we need very little. Actually, I believe we’d be much more happy if we had less things controlling us, because that is what is happening to us. We are becoming more dependent, conditioned if you will. 

Our forefathers told the Kingdom of Great Britain to go “pack sand up their ass” in 1776 and the world was changed forever. Think about how our lives could change if we declared independence from the things controlling our lives? Whether it be your job, cigarettes, booze, women, iphone, porn, food, or some loser friend, we can declare our own personal independence and seek freedom.

So tomorrow, while we stuff our faces with meat that has been formed in cellulose tubes, let’s think about things we can declare independence from. Let’s become our own countries, protect our borders from bullshit, and launch missiles at the objects of our dependence.

Summer Town

we start moving through stillness of sky 
nowhere to be found
sauntering down cobblestone streets

far away a side of town holds sun burned air
and knocks crickets into song

wind licked fields, tickle heels, and strides
while coughing up bee clouds, stings are ready

the tree at the end of the field is singing a sleep song
wanting us under it
waiting for dreams to steal

there will be no other time here this fine for living
when we disappear it all goes on without us

They Fell Like Jewels

they fell like jewels
like heavy diamond eyelids
weary for sleep

mayan time
taking down whole buildings

it’s just about up
the warning cries have been laid
down before us

and the kids are still swinging
in a park this afternoon
they don’t know what we’ve done

The Man at The Head of The Table

Years ago I was in Munich and witnessed a very vivid scene that is emblazoned in my memory to this day. There was a very finely dressed gentleman at the head of a beautiful table in a very nice brewery. The whole time we were there, the kids with him would run up to him and take turns sitting in his lap, and a beautiful woman, I assume his wife, helped tend to his needs while he was busy occupying and entertaining everyone at the table with him. From that day, long before I had kids, I wanted to be that guy at the head of the table.

There was something so satisfying about the way he entertained and instilled confidence in those around him. You could tell they all respected and admired this man and that he felt the same way about them. To me, watching this scene develop, I realized this was what it was like to be a respected man, and this was very much how I wanted to be when I made it to his age.

Now that I find myself closing in on the age of that man in Munich, I think often about whether I’ve made it yet? Do I have more work to do to garner the respect of those that share their lives with me everyday? I can’t help but to think this man must have felt similarly, not knowing if he’s “made it” or not. Certainly he was like all of us, always questioning, wondering what he could be doing better, or should have done to better his life and family. I wish I would have been a little cooler, and approached that man that day, and told him the impression he left on me. Thank you sir, I will never forget it.

Life changes day to day, but day’s seem best when I’m trying to be the man at the head of the table.